Walking Trails of Cadell

There are 2 easy grade walking trails in Cadell to explore. One is the Wetlands and Malcolm Moss Walking Trail. The other is the Murray River Scenic Trail near the old pumping station and chimney stack. We are in the process of developing a map to assist with your walking experience. In the mean time click on the map link or scroll down for a guide to the district.

Cadell Wetlands

Dalzell Road, Cadell

Visit the Cadell Wetlands and take a walk along the Malcolm Moss Wetlands Trail and enjoy the quick tracks which thread around the wetland lagoon. Stop at the numerous Bird Hides along the way and witness the abundant birdlife. Common species in the Cadell Wetlands include the Red-Necked Avocet, Eusasian Coot and Black Swan.

Because of its high elevation, the Cadell Wetlands is referred to as a Temporary Wetlands. This means the Murray River has to flood above pool level in order for water to enter the wetlands. Many other wetlands at lower elevations have water in them constantly because of the Locks and Weirs, those wetlands are referred to as Permanent Wetlands.

The Old Pumping Station Chimney

River Bank, via River Terrace

This old Chimney was part of the Cadell Pumping Station, a steam engine that pumped water into the open channels for irrigation around the Cadell Settlement. Now the chimney is the only part of the Pumping Station that remains. The chimney was built in 1919 and is 60 feet high. It contains 27,000 bricks and took 3 men 18 days to build. The 1956 Flood level is shown on the chimney. You can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Murray along this trail.