2019 Centenary Celebrations

In September 1919, the first blocks were allocated to returning soldiers for settlement. In 2019, we will celebrate the centenary of this event.

The dates for our big weekend of events are Friday, 13th September through to Sunday 15th September 2019!

We have a great list of events planned so keep the weekend free and invite your friends.

Founding Family Display

We would like to create a display of the founding families, so if you have some information, family history and/or memorabilia please contact us.

CCTA Secretary, Angela

Mobile: 0407 515 905 (after 4pm)

Email cadellcommunity@gmail.com

Centennial Sub-Committee

The next meeting will be on Monday, 18th March 2019, at the Cadell Institute starting at 5:30pm.

CCTA Meetings

Future Meeting dates:

We meet on the 2nd Tuesday, every second month at 7pm, unless otherwise stated. Meetings are held at the Cadell Institute.

2019 Dates

February 12th

April 9th

June 11th

August 13th

October 8th – 2019 AGM

December 10th